Mojo Questions and Answers

Why not just board my dog or cat?

Your home is the stress free environment they are accustomed too.  Home pet sitting allows your dog or cat the comfort of familiar surroundings.

I don’t know Mojo, why allow in my home?

Mojo Pet Sitter Service is liability insured.  A Certificate of Liability document will be presented prior to employment.  References also available.  Key and security code information is confidential between parties and secure.

What is the Mojo service area?

For Pet Sitting and  Pet Taxi, by day or week, Mojo serves Lancaster and  surrounding area.     

How will Mojo handle emergency situations with my pet?

Prior to pet services, Mojo will conduct a mandatory, free “get to know you ” interview with both the potential client as well as the pet (s) involved.  During this session, the potential client will be asked to complete a short questionnaire, indicating history of health concerns, pet behaviors, feeding schedule and routine, as well as contact information for your vet.  Emergency client contact information shall also be obtained.  Client shall also sign a “permission to treat” form, giving Mojo authority to take your pet to designated care.

Why no weekly rates quoted on the Mojo web site?

Weekly rates vary, depending upon number of pets, number of daily visits, time increment per visit, distance from Mojo, etc.

Ok, I want to go with Mojo……..where do I start?

Just give Bob a call at  740-974-6793
or email